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Pre + Pro Synbiotic Blend
The Good Gut Drink + Powder

Good Sh*t contains the world’s first Pre + Pro Synbiotic blend formulated for your good gut health.

Drink it in a soda or simply add a scoop of powder to your favourite smoothies. Every can and scoop contains 39% of your Daily Fibre. Plus, there’s no added sugar!

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand! Good Sh*t is gluten free, vegan friendly and paleo friendly. Friendly friendly!

Good Sh*t loves your microbiome.

You asked the Q’s. We have the A’s

We believe that when you put Good Sh*t in, you get good sh*t out. So what makes Good Sh*t?

Want to know your Prebiotics from your Probiotics?
What are Synbiotics? How do you liquify fibre? Or maybe you’re just asking how you can spread the Good Sh*t.

What’s in it?
Good Gut Synbiotics
Scientific synbiotic blend of prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy balance in your gut.

Good Gut Bacteria
Bacillus subtilis
bacteria enhances fibre digestion and supports growth of intestinal microflora.

Good Gut Dietary Fibre
Combination of ingredients including Chicory Root, Maize Inulin and Acacia Gum deliver essential daily fibre supporting digestion and gut health.

Good for you!
Improves the balance of good bacteria in your gut to support good health and wellbeing.
How it works
Love your Microbiome

We believe that your gut is really important and so do scientists. Humans have an incredibly diverse ecosystem of cells as well as microbes that live on and inside our bodies — known as the Microbiome.

Good digestive health is the foundation of good health and wellbeing. Good Sh*t's unique Synbiotic blend includes Pre, Pro + Postbiotics which weeds out the bad bacteria, seeds in the good bacteria and feeds it to support a healthy balance in our gut!

Healthy Microbiome = Happy Human
Why it’s good!
Because it tastes so good! It has 39% of your daily fibre and 1 billion probiotics. It's a healthy alternative that’s low in sugar, has no artificial flavours and no caffeine — except for a really tiny amount in our Good Sh*t Cola. It's also vegan friendly, coeliac friendly and paleo friendly!
Good feeling starts in your gut
95% of our serotonin is produced in our gut along with 50% of our dopamine. Serotonin controls your mood and is responsible for happiness. Dopamine is responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.
Good balance starts in your gut
Synbiotics are the synergistic combination of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics as formulations that have a definitive positive effect on your health and microbiome. A healthy gut improves mood, sleep and cognition.
Good vibes start in your gut
A healthy microbiome positively impacts your whole body — not just your gut health. Our microbiome holds the key to physical health and mental wellbeing.
What’s the difference between Prebiotics, Probiotics and Synbiotics?
Probiotics encourage the development of healthy bacteria and flora in the gut—they're living organisms. Like all living things, Probiotics need healthy food to survive and thrive. That’s where the Prebiotics come in. The best sources of Prebiotics are fibre-rich foods like vegetables, fruit and whole grains. So as well as Probiotics, we include a plant-based Prebiotic that provides 39% of your daily fibre and gives those Probiotics the energy they need to keep doing their good work! Synbiotics are the synergistic combination of Pro, Pre + Postbiotics that have a definitive positive effect on your health and microbiome.

How do you get dietary fibre into Good Sh*t?
Most of it comes from Acacia gum, which is a natural source of prebiotic, water-soluble dietary fibre. Experts recommend that adults have around 30 grams of dietary fibre every day. But let’s be honest — plenty of us don’t eat enough fruit and veges to reach that amount! Every can or scoop of Good Sh*t has at least 11.7 grams of dietary fibre — so consuming it can seriously help you meet your daily fibre needs. And it tastes good too — no stodgy sawdust aftertaste here!
What does dietary fibre do for me?
Dietary fibre is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Basically, it’s the key to regular bowel movements. Dietary fibre is only found in plant products and comes in two forms: soluble and insoluble. Almost all of the fibre in Good Sh*t Soda and the Gut Powder is soluble. Soluble fibre stays in your system longer than insoluble fibre does — which gives it more time to feed all those probiotics. Soluble fibre is also like a sponge for your guts. It absorbs fluid which — there’s no way to sugar-coat this — helps makes your sh*t softer. 
How much sugar is there in Good Sh*t?
As far as sodas go, Good Sh*t Soda is low in sugar. There’s less than 2.4 grams per 100mL! All of it comes from natural sources — like fruit juices, botanical extracts, coconut sugar, and a little bit of caramelised sugar syrup in our Cola. 
If that’s not your thing, Good Sh*t Gut Powder has no added sugar. You can add it to your smoothies, juice or even add an extra extra dose of fibre to Good Sh*t Soda. The options are limitless.
What’s Prickly Pear?
Prickly Pear is a kind of cactus, with edible pads and fruit. We use it to add a depth of flavour and sweetness to the Good Sh*t blend. It has a naturally tasty flavour, which is like a distant cousin of strawberry and raspberry. 
Do marshmallows grow from roots?
Ancient cultures used marshmallow root as a natural sweetener, and we use it for the same thing — alongside artichoke leaf and Prickly Pear, to add sweetness and botanical flavour to the Good Sh*t blend. Scientists are learning more about this magnificent root every day! 
What does artichoke leaf do?
Artichoke has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean for its dietary and medicinal properties. It adds sweetness and flavour and is high in fibre, folate, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins C, K and B6. 
Does Good Sh*t have caffeine in it?
The only caffeine in any of our products is a tiny (like, really tiny) amount in our Good Sh*t Cola — 0.059mg per 100mL (an average double shot espresso has about 80mg!). It comes from the Cola Nut Extract we use, which has naturally occurring caffeine in it. Our other products  are completely caffeine-free.
Is Good Sh*t kid-friendly?
Of course! But they can only have one if they figure out how not to swear when they ask for it. 
Can I drink Good Sh*t when I’m pregnant?
There’s no alcohol or artificial colourings in Good Sh*t. It’s made from completely natural ingredients, so as long as your midwife or specialist is okay with you drinking it while you’re pregnant, it’s all good by us!
Is Good Sh*t okay for vegans?
The only ingredients in Good Sh*t are from Mother Earth: plants, water, botanicals and natural sweeteners. Vegans rejoice!
Can I have too much Good Sh*t?
Well, technically you can have too much of anything. Consuming too much dietary fibre isn’t bad for you (and most of us don’t have nearly enough), although it can have some uncomfortable side effects. These can kick in when you have more than 70 grams of fibre per day, or if you suddenly have a lot more fibre than you’re used to. One can and scoop of Good Sh*t contains 11.7 grams of fibre. So to avoid becoming a human whoopie cushion, please drink/use Good Sh*t responsibly! 
Where is Good Sh*t made?
Good Sh*t is 100% owned, operated and produced in New Zealand. If you'd like to know more about us, drop us a line at
I’d like to stock Good Sh*t. How do I get more Good Sh*t in my life?
That’s Good Sh*t to hear! Send us your details at and we’ll be in touch! 
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